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Chart your own path
Our undergraduate programs provide numerous opportunities for you to learn and grow. Degree options are flexible, so you could blend two areas of study for a double major, focus on one area with a specialization, enhance your learning through an interdisciplinary degree or explore your unique interests through individualized learning in a supportive learning environment.

Gain real-world experience
Many of our programs offer practical experience and the opportunity to take part in work placements with partner organizations. You could participate in groundbreaking research projects, lead a volunteer initiative or participate in a community project. You will push boundaries and uncover valuable insights that can transform communities at home and around the world.

Internationalize your degree
Explore education beyond Canada’s borders with an International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) degree, an internship abroad or an exchange with more than 40 countries around the world, while earning credits with our Faculty's YorkU Abroad program. Even if you aren't studying abroad, you will gain a wider perspective while exposed to the diverse ideas and cultures of students from more than 100 countries, preparing you to live and work in the global market place.

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