York's Colleges

Colleges are communities of students, professors and support staff dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, academic success and the development of the whole person. Each of our colleges has a home base, containing both student housing and facilities, that is designed to be a home away from home for students.

All undergraduate students are assigned to one of York's colleges. For students who commute to campus, college affiliation will be based on their academic major. Residence students are automatically affiliated with the college they live in. You'll learn your college affiliation at your enrolment advising appointment.

Only three universities in Canada have a college system. It's one of the many student supports that sets York apart.

All full-time undergraduate students become members of one of the nine colleges at York, whether they live on campus or not. All of the colleges are on the Keele campus except Glendon College, which is located on the Glendon campus.

York's College System
Bethune Glendon Stong
Calumet McLaughlin Vanier
Founders New Winters

At York, we believe the college system provides a way to build the closest-possible relationship between professors and students within the context of a large, multi-faculty university. In other words, the college system keeps you in touch with people who can answer your academic and non-academic questions, help you when you're confused at any time of day or night, lend a hand cutting through the "red tape" and celebrate with you when you graduate.

Need help with planning an essay? Ask your Academic Advisor. Interested in team sport? Join your college-mates in intramural competition and you could even win the York Torch. No "Quidditch" matches yet, but if anyone can make it happen, it's your College Council. Looking for a quiet place to study? Check out your college common room.

The more you get involved, the more important your college will become to your life, while at York and in the future.

More detailed information about York's colleges.

When will I find out what college I belong to?

All students will learn their college affiliation at their enrolment appointment.

College affiliation for first-year students is determined by the residence they're living in (e.g. if you live in Founders Residence, you're affiliated with Founders College). Residence students, regardless of which courses they have, are encouraged to participate in the events taking place in the college they live in.

If you're not living on campus, your college affiliation is based on your major.

Getting to Know Your College

Orientation Week is your introduction to everything college affiliated. You are strongly encouraged to participate in the Orientation activities of your college of affiliation. Make sure to attend as many events…both academic and non-academic…as you can!

College affiliation does not stop after Orientation Week, though. Each College Council holds events throughout the year.

Benefits of College Affiliation

Your college affiliation is important. Colleges provide you with all sorts of advantages and opportunities, both academic and non-academic, which would not otherwise be available in a university of York's size. Each college has a Master, Academic Adviser, Residence Life Coordinator and House Dons to support your personal and academic growth.

Your college will become your home away from home whether you live in residence or not. Through your college, you'll meet people from all across Canada and around the world. College Councils, elected by students, organize major social and cultural events, smaller parties, athletic and recreational events, group outings and many other activities that will provide opportunities to make friendships that will last a lifetime.

College facilities may include the following: a college paper, Sport and Recreation Council, various clubs and student-centred organizations, common rooms, dining halls, coffee shops, study areas, computer rooms, seminar and small lecture rooms, recreational rooms and much more.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are intended to reflect the special focus…known as the academic mandate…of each college and stress critical-skills development, introduction to interdisciplinary study and the particular expertise of the Faculty associated with the college. The format and content of the courses vary according to the Faculty the college is affiliated with. Foundation course directors are usually Fellows of the college with which the course is associated.