Cutting-edge, hands-on research advancing the current frontiers of knowledge guided by award-winning and internationally recognized faculty. Program includes training in professional development such as experimental design, scientific writing, statistical analyses and public speaking. 3 specializations: Cell & Molecular Biology; Animal & Plant Physiology; Ecology & Evolution.

For part-time study, contact the program directly.


Wide range of study and research with internationally renowned faculty in state-of-the-art facilities covering all major sub-disciplines. 7 specializations: Analytical Chemistry; Atmospheric Chemistry; Biological Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Mass Spectrometry; Physical Chemistry.

Digital Media

An interdisciplinary program that uniquely combines computational science and artistic practice. Students will explore, develop, and critically engage with novel forms of digital media, with a primary focus on either the artistic or technological aspects of these studies.

Earth & Space Science

A multidisciplinary research program associated with the Centre for Research in Earth & Space Science (CRESS). Students from a wide range of backgrounds, including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, can pursue interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art facilities.

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Fostering world-class research and expertise in computer and interactive systems. Computer systems focus on the architecture, design and evaluation of large-scale hardware and software systems. Interactive systems engineering concerns the intelligent interaction of systems with the user or the environment. 


One of Canada’s leading programs, with recognized research strengths in Biophysical Processes and Critical Human Geography. Exploring multiple ways of knowing the world based on the social sciences, humanities and physical-biological sciences, nearly all graduate students engage in fieldwork.

Kinesiology & Health Science

A primarily research-based program with a broad commitment to social well-being, also offering professional development. 3 specializations: Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology; Neuroscience & Biomechanics; Health & Fitness Behaviours.

Mathematics & Statistics

Programs dedicated to the exploration and development of new ideas in Mathematics & Statistics, and to fostering the understanding, appreciation and utility of those ideas. An MA in Mathematics for Teachers is also available.

Physics & Astronomy

Opportunities for research in mainstream areas of field or for unique interdisciplinary projects through collaboration in a number of research centres in areas such as Atmospheric Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry and Vision Research. Affiliation with important international endeavours at CERN and NASA.

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