German & European Studies Graduate Diploma

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Diploma programs are open to students in any relevant graduate program or to those who have a general interest in graduate-level work. For diplomas that are part of a graduate degree (concurrent), please contact the relevant graduate program office. For graduate diplomas that can be pursued on their own (stand-alone, direct entry), applications are submitted online. More

York University's Graduate Diploma in German & European Studies is open to graduate students who are enrolled in an M.A. or Ph.D. program in fields such as International Business, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Film & Video, History, Humanities, Law, Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology, and Social & Political Thought. 

The diploma offers the opportunity to:

  • develop expertise in the interdisciplinary field of German and European Studies
  • exchange ideas with students and professors in the humanities, social sciences, and professional faculties
  • receive mentoring in academic research and professional skills from leading scholars
  • obtain hands-on experience through study, research, or internships in Europe
  • present their work at national and international conferences and research colloquia.