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Mainland China and Hong Kong China: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

As the second-largest economy in the world, with a gross domestic product growing at unparalleled rates, China is a country of major importance to Canada and the world at large. York University is working to further develop and maintain its ties with China through environmental initiatives, research projects and academic exchange programs. York welcomes Chinese students to its diverse, multicultural community.

Chinese students find themselves right at home in Canada — in fact, China is Canada’s largest source of new immigrants, with 300,000+ residing in Toronto and 42,000+ studying at Canadian academic institutions.

Fast FactsResearch in ChinaConnections at York
  • York undergraduate and graduate students from China (including Hong Kong) in 2015-2016: 3,648
  • York alumni worldwide from China (including Hong Kong): 2,755
  • York has 440+ student clubs and organizations, including the Chinese Students Association, the Association of Chinese Students & Scholars, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Chinese Culture Club and Chinese Debating Society.
  • Earth & space science and engineering professor Qiuming Cheng has conducted a study of complex mineralization systems and quantitative prediction of mineral resources potential in Yunnan Province, China.
  • Education professor Jill Bell, a specialist in language and literacy, has taught in Hong Kong which allowed her to extend her research into the relationship between alphabetic and non-alphabetic literacies.
  • Psychology professor Jennifer Connolly, in collaboration with professor Kathy Li of Xi’an University, China, examined patterns of romantic development in Chinese high school and university students.
  • Geography professor Lucia Lo’s international research interests and writing focus on retail internationalization and consumer behavior in Chinese cities.
  • The Schulich Executive Education Centre has international offices in Beijing and Shanghai, China.
  • The Schulich Executive Education Centre and China’s Beihang University have signed an agreement to offer executive education programs in China beginning in 2014.
  • York offers a four-year undergraduate degree program in East Asian Studies, and China is one of the three main countries of focus for this program.
  • York provides the administrative offices in Canada for the Ontario-Jiangsu student exchange consortium.
  • York offers international exchanges to twenty-one universities in China (including Hong Kong).