Latin America

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As Canada strengthens its relationship with Latin America in areas such as agriculture, technology and mining, York also works to further develop and maintain ties within the region. Through environmental initiatives, research projects and student exchange programs, York has established strong relationships with many Latin American universities. York welcomes students from Latin America to its multicultural community.

Fast FactsResearch in Latin AmericaConnections at York
  • York undergraduate and graduate students from Latin America in 2015-2016: 549
  • York alumni worldwide from Latin America: 311
  • York has 440+ student clubs and organizations; The Organization of Latin American Students brings together Latin American students and friends to meet, socialize and discuss issues concerning the Latin American culture
  • York University President Mamdouh Shoukri was a signatory on a Memorandum of Understanding between York, the State of São Paulo research foundation and several other Canadian universities, to encourage the collaboration between researchers and those working in public or private research or teaching institutions in 2012.
  • Social science professor Eduardo Canel’s research focuses on the evolving state-civil society relations in Latin America.
  • History professor Alan Durston’s research focuses on the perception and treatment of indigenous languages in Latin America throughout history.
  • Education professor Don Dippo has been a teacher/researcher on a multi-year Canadian International Development Agency funded project investigating an action research approach to teacher education and school/community development in northern Peru.
  • Women’s studies professor Alison Crosby’s research focuses on women's struggles for justice in Latin America (with a focus on women’s organizing around the issue of sexual violence during armed conflict in Guatemala, Peru and Colombia).
  • In 1978, York University established the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, its first organized research unit.
  • York’s Department of Equity Studies is home to the Chair in Multiculturalism (2010-2015), which originated through an agreement between York, the University of São Paulo (Brazil), the Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil) and the University of Pittsburgh (United States).
  • Music professor Michael Marcuzzi has performed as a freelance trumpeter with numerous musicians in Cuba.
  • Law professor G. Thomas Johnson has advised on financial sector reform, land tenure reform, institutional strengthening and the rule of law, predominantly in Latin America and the Caribbean as a consultant to multilateral development agencies and various governments.