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South Korea: Korean

An average of 7,000 South Koreans immigrated to Canada annually between 1999 and 2008, bringing the number of Canadians of Korean origin to more than 200,000. As South Korea becomes an increasingly important trading partner and economic and political ally to Canada, York University works to strengthen ties with the country and hopes to welcome more South Korean students than ever before to its diverse, multicultural community.

Fast FactsResearch in South KoreaConnections at York
  • York undergraduate and graduate students from South Korea in 2015-2016: 443
  • York alumni worldwide from South Korea: 203
  • York has 440+ student clubs and organizations; The Korean Student Association and Korean Christian Fellowship provide an environment where students can gather together to do various activities, support each other and exchange helpful information about their campus life
  • Languages, literatures & linguistics professor Mihyon Jeon teaches Korean. Her research interests focus on heritage language maintenance, biliteracy and second language development.
  • Political science professor Laam Hae has worked on community renewal projects in Korea, with a focus on cultural regeneration.
  • Humanities professor Theresa Hyun has conducted research on Korean women writers and translation. She is also the author of Writing Women in Korea: Translation and Feminism in the Colonial Period.
  • Visual arts professor Hong Kal teaches visual art and culture of East Asia. Her book is titled, Aesthetic Constructions of Nationalism: Cultural Politics of Spectacle in Twentieth-Century Korea.
  • York’s Faculty of Education signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Education Department of Chungcheongbuk-do in South Korea in 2013, which confirmed the intentions to develop future collaborations on projects and professional development programs for educators from South Korea.
  • York has academic exchange agreements with six universities in South Korea.
  • York’s Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics offers a Korean language program.
  • Space science professor emeritus Gordon G. Shepherd led an NSERC-supported study of the dynamics of the Arctic region in collaboration with U.S. and Korean scientist and has worked with researchers in Japan and India.