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Given its prime geographic location and access to markets in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, Turkey has become increasingly important on a global scale. Turkey remains one of Canada’s most valued political, commercial, strategic and security partners.  York researchers spend a lot of time in this country studying social issues, economics, politics and religion. York welcomes Turkish students to its diverse, multicultural community.

Turkish immigrants feel right at home in Canada — in fact, Canada is home to more than 40,000 people of Turkish origin, with the majority residing in Toronto.

Fast FactsResearch in TurkeyConnections at York
  • York undergraduate and graduate students from Turkey in 2015-2016: 107
  • York alumni from Turkey worldwide: 53
  • York has 440+ student clubs and organizations; The Turkish Students Association promotes positive dialogue and cross-cultural awareness and helps establish a stronger community where individuals respect and accept each other as they are
  • Visual arts Professor Guy PR Metraux has written about the archaeological excavations he’s been a part of in Sardis, Turkey.
  • Psychology professor Richard Lalonde, who researches bicultural identity, has collaborated with colleagues at both Koç University and Galatsaray University in Turkey.
  • Psychology professor Michaela Hynie, who researches how social groups can improve well-being through community involvement and a psychological sense of community, wrote a journal article about interdependence as a mediator between culture and interpersonal closeness for Euro-Canadians and Turks.
  • Glendon Campus' annual International Symposium studied Turkey in 2006-2007.
  • Business professor Murat Kristal once held a civil aviation and airport engineer position with Turkey’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
  • Political science professor Nergis Canefe has held adjunct positions at Bogazici University in Turkey. In 2006, he became affiliated with Bilgi University Law School, Centre for Human Rights in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • York has exchange agreements with Bogazici University and Koç University and internship opportunities with Turkey’s Women Entrepreneur’s Association.
  • Faculty members from Istanbul’s Bilgi University took part in York’s 2010 International Conference, which discussed about forced displacement and protection standards.