United Kingdom

Canada and the United Kingdom share historically strong economic, political, academic and security ties, with the United Kingdom being Canada’s third most important commercial partner. Through environmental initiatives, research projects and student exchange programs, York has established relationships with many British universities. York welcomes students from the United Kingdom to its multicultural community.

Students from the United Kingdom find themselves right at home in Canada — in fact, there are more than 600,000 Britons currently residing here. According to Reuters, Canada is rated the top place on the planet for British expatriates, due to its natural beauty, multicultural society, healthcare system and security.

Fast FactsResearch in the United KingdomConnections at York
  • York undergraduate and graduate students from the United Kingdom in 2015-2016: 157
  • York alumni worldwide from the United Kingdom: 566
  • York has 440+ student clubs and organizations; 19 sports of men’s and women’s varsity teams to compete against other Canadian universities, as well as recreational sports clubs and an active intramural sports league
  • Kinesiology professor Joe Baker is working with Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom and the Australian Institute of Sport to determine whether or not early sport specialization is required for sport expertise as an adult. They are collecting data from rugby players and gymnasts in the United Kingdom, United States, France and Canada, and skeleton racers in Australia.
  • History professor Stephen Brooke’s research interests include the gender, culture, sexuality and politics history of 20th-century Britain. He is completing a book-length study of the British Labour party.
  • Visual arts professor Shirley-Ann Brown researches the art of medieval Ireland and United Kingdom, with emphasis on the meeting of different artistic heritages.
  • Business professor Andrew Crane has conducted research in the United Kingdom that exposes public policy gaps regarding forced labour.
  • Professor emeritus Harry Arthurs, former Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School (1972-77) and President of York University (1985-92), has been an academic visitor at Oxford, Cambridge and University College in London, and is a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy.
  • Visual arts professor Michael Barutciski, who has authored reports for the British government, was once a member of Oxford University's department of international development.
  • York offers international exchanges at eight universities and internship placements at two academic organizations in the United Kingdom.
  • Dance professor Danielle Robinson was a visiting fellow at the University of Chichester during 2011-2012, sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust.