Required Documentation for Undergraduate Applicants

The following requirements apply to all applicants applying to undergraduate degree or certificate studies at York University.

  1. Official Transcripts (all students are required to submit official transcripts except those qualifying as Mature applicants or as Visiting Students on a Letter of Permission)
  2. Course Descriptions (for any postsecondary work taken outside of North America)
  3. Language Proficiency Requirements
  4. Supplementary Application
    • Schulich School of Business (accessed through the Schulich Web site)
    • Faculty of Education* (accessed via MyFile)
    • Social Work (not applicable to Canadian high-school applicants; accessed via the Social Work website)
  5. Supplementary Evaluation process - School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design

Where to send your documents? You can upload your documents through MyFile. If you need to send documents via mail, you can click here for the Office of Admission's mailing address and contact information.

Mature Students: Click here for information on required documentation.

Visiting Students: See Visiting Student admission requirements.

International applicant? Visit the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website for details about study permits, work permits and what to do before and after you arrive in Canada.

Important: For final admission, all documents must be originals (ie official) and received directly from the home institution. Conditional admission is possible with non-official documents; however, to proceed into courses, the official original transcripts must be provided before the start of classes.

Replaceable documents become the property of York University and will not be returned. We keep supporting documents for one year, after which we destroy materials related to your application.

If request is made in writing to Admissions upon application, irreplaceable documents will be returned to the original document holder.

* There is a $50 non-refundable application processing fee that is collected online as credit card payment through the Faculty of Education’s own in-house system. Applicants are not considered if they do not complete their online supplementary information form with the $50 processing fee. Only applicants who receive an offer to Glendon based on first-semester final/full-year midterm Grade 12 marks will be considered for the Direct Entry BEd (French) option. For the BEd (French) program option, French language proficiency is assessed using the Glendon online French Proficiency Language Assessment (FPLA). By April 11, all applicants will need to have completed the online French Placement Language Assessment (FPLA) through Glendon’s advising office.

Academic Dishonesty: in accordance with official York University examination policies, all incidents of academic dishonesty will result in serious consequences including the revocation of test scores and/or denial of admission to York university. Examples of cheating academic dishonesty include test copying, consulting unauthorized sources, impersonating an applicant and assisting someone to commit academic dishonesty. Additionally, any applicant who chooses to work with an “agent” or immigration consultant during the process of submitting their application and required documents for admission consideration to York University is fully responsible for the accuracy of their applications content and all related materials.