Business Administration

In their most recent global surveys, Schulich is ranked in the top tier of the world's best business schools and #1 in Canada by The Wall Street Journal, The Economist (EIU), Forbes and the US think tank The Aspen Institute.

The Schulich School of Business offers two of Canada's most prestigious degrees: the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the International Bachelor of Administration (iBBA). In both of these professional programs, you'll study with the same professors that teach in our highly respected MBA and PhD programs. They'll provide you with a strong foundation in business that goes beyond the traditional areas of commerce and economics.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program at the Schulich School of Business provides a thorough, rigorous education in management, combined with a broad liberal arts education. Students study business from day one with first-year courses in Applied Business Ethics, Business History, Financial Accounting, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. In addition to core business courses, students may take one or two non-business courses each year.

By carefully selecting management elective courses in upper years, you can specialize in one or more of the following areas of specialization:


Accounting lets you work toward one of the three professional accounting designations: Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified General Accountant (CGA) - through courses in financial and managerial accounting, taxation and auditing. Canada's leading accounting textbooks were written by faculty members. Graduates specializing in accounting have followed career paths leading to positions such as chief financial officer, underwriter, pension administrator, professional accountant. Furthermore, there is a 95% success rate among Schulich BBA/iBBA students who write the UFE exam.


Economics courses provide a logical and consistent framework for explaining and forecasting movements in critical variables such as interest rates, exchange rates, inflation rate and economic growth, as well as for understanding competitive interactions, corporate strategies, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Graduates specializing in economics have followed career paths leading to chief executive officer, management consultant and financial analyst.

Entrepreneurial & Family Business Studies

Entrepreneurial & Family Business Studies courses are designed for individuals who are already running their own businesses and would like to know what to do to make their businesses or make it more successful. The focus is on what are the challenges related to getting a business started and how to approach the endeavour more rationally. Entrepreneurial studies faculty members have a wealth of experience in the entrepreneurial sector as consultants, advisors, board members, venture capitalists, financial and marketing experts, economics d


Finance is one of the most extensive finance programs in Canada, with coverage of the full spectrum of financial activities in Canadian business, including corporate finance, financial management and investment management. Courses focus on forward thinking for company planning by forecasting primarily cash flows to maximize value for shareholders. Elective courses include Personal Finance and Management of Canadian Financial Institutions. Students may complement their finance specialization with courses in accounting, economics and management science and international academic exchanges. Graduates are well positioned to build careers in the retail side of banking or as financial advisors and financial analysts.

International Business

International Business is a concentration that helps graduates develop career paths to Canadian and foreign corporations, banks and governments. Its goal is to help students develop the management skills required to conduct business in an international environment.


Marketing courses help students understand the elements of marketing strategy, such as targeting, segmentation, communications, pricing and distribution. Students who wish to pursue a career in marketing are encouraged to take courses in market research and business-to-business branding. Graduates specializing in marketing have pursued careers in brand or product management, marketing communications, and market research.

Operations Management & Information Systems

Operations Management and Information Systems courses offered at Schulich provide a solid grounding in analytical methods for solving many real world decision problems. As well they provide core material needed for other business disciplines. Elective courses include Business Information Systems Analysis, Models and Applications in Operational Research, Inventory Management and Database Management Systems. Students develop quantitative research methods and analytical skills that can help to qualify them for positions such as those involving internal consulting roles.

Organization Studies

Organization Studies prepares graduates to work effectively with others in today's challenging, diverse and complex workplace environment. Such an environment demands effective problem solvers who understand the human dimension of work - what motivates people, how to handle conflict, and the dynamics of power and politics in organizational life. Schulich's program rises to meet that demand. A specialization in organizational behaviour is compatible with careers in management consulting and human resources.

Responsible Business

Responsible Business enables students to focus on responsible business issues as they relate to different core business functions (i.e strategy, accounting, marketing etc.) and to different sectors (i.e. business, non-profit and public). The specialization is compatible with specialist careers in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable business, as well as adding a responsible business di enton to more traditional careers in mainstream business areas. The goal of the specialization is to enable students to position themselves to prospective recruiters as future leaders, ready to meet some of the most urgent and compex challenges of business in the today's global marketplace.

Strategic Management

Strategic Management is an integrative specialization that helps students identify and analyze critical threats and opportunities confronting an organization, while providing valuable recommendations to help steer a firm in a changing marketplace.

  • Forbes Ranks Schulich School of Business #1 in Canada & among world’s Top 10 in return on investment.
  • The Schulich School of Business at York University ranked 21st in the world in a global MBA ranking conducted by Expansión magazine.
  • Amazing alumni. Alumnus Paul Tsaparis joined Hewlett-Packard in 1984, the same year he graduated from York's MBA program. As HP Canada’s president and CEO since 1998, he was instrumental in forging a technology partnership between the Schulich School of Business and Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.

Internationalize your degree

Earn an international Bachelor of Business Administration (iBBA). The iBBA degree program reflects York's commitment to internationalization and requires you to acquire an international language and to gain international experience on exchange at one of York University's partner institutions abroad. You will benefit from enhanced interdisciplinary and cross-cultural knowledge, which are important components of the department's academic focus. Visit the International program page for more information.

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Possible Career Paths Include: 
  • Financial analyst
  • Accountant
  • Brand manager