Gender & Women's Studies / Études des femmes et de genre

About Program Admission Requirements

Gender & Women’s Studies examines issues in people’s lives from multiple perspectives, with particular attention to how race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation have defined their experiences.

Our program offers the added option of taking courses offered at the Keele campus or on international exchange. 

Progressive opportunities for hands-on experience

Our campus is an incredibly inclusive environment with a campus community that’s passionate about social justice. Whether you’re interested in feminist movements, activism, advocacy, health care, the LGBTQ community or other areas, you’ll be able to apply your learning through involvement in campus organizations including the Women and Trans Centre, the Centre for Human Rights at our Keele campus and more.

Le programme d’Études des femmes et de genre explore des questions liées à la vie des femmes à partir de nombreuses perspectives et se penche sur les effets de la race, de l’origine ethnique, de la classe et de l’orientation sexuelle sur le vécu des femmes.

Notre programme vous permet de suivre des cours sur le campus Keele ou de participer à un échange international.

Des possibilités d’expérience pratique

Notre campus offre un environnement très inclusif et accueille une communauté passionnée par la justice sociale. Que les mouvements féministes, le militantisme, la santé, la communauté LGBTQ ou d’autres domaines vous intéressent, vous aurez l’occasion de mettre en pratique vos connaissances en participant aux activités d’organisations comme le Centre des femmes et des trans sur notre campus, et le « Centre for Human Rights » sur le campus Keele.

Sample First-year Schedule

  • Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies
  • Introduction to Sexuality Studies
  • a language course (depending on language level, you would take French as a second language course, an English as a second language course or a discipline course taught in your second language)
  • Perspectives on Human Nature
  • Education and Society

Possible Career Paths

Explore what you can do with your degree
  • social worker
  • legislative assistant
  • lobbyist

Internationalize your degree

The iBA degree program reflects York's commitment to internationalization and requires you to acquire an international language and to gain international experience on exchange at one of York University's partner institutions abroad. You will benefit from enhanced interdisciplinary and cross-cultural knowledge, which are important components of the department's academic focus. Visit the International program page for more information.

You are required to provide official evidence of academic achievement in secondary education. This can be demonstrated through:

  • Final grades under the Ontario curriculum (obtained through correspondence, night school or through TVO)
  • Credentials through other curricula, such as results from Advanced Placement (AP) or Advanced-level courses in the General Certificate of Education (GCE). (Students may register to sit for the AP and GCE examinations as private candidates.)

In the absence of final grades in courses:

  • You must submit the results of standardized tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) with a minimum combined total of 1170 on the Critical Reading and Math components or a composite American College Testing (ACT) score of 24.
  • Your application will be reviewed by an admissions sub-committee. If admitted, you will not be eligible for entrance scholarships. You will be considered for continuing student scholarships at the end of your first year of study, if you satisfy those criteria.

You may also be required to provide proof of language proficiency. You will be considered for entrance scholarships on the basis of your overall averages in the six 4U/4M (Ontario curriculum) or equivalent courses.

We are adding to our database of admission requirements by country. Please check back in October for additional admission requirements by country. General requirements are currently available by country — note that program-specific requirements may apply in addition to general requirements.