East Asian Studies

China, Japan and Korea are all ancient civilizations and modern societies of immense global significance. Bridging East Asia’s modern milieu and its rich history, you will gain an appreciation for the cultures and the political, economic and social impact of these nations. Expect to be challenged and engaged while acquiring an in-depth understanding of the region.

European Studies

From the Douro to the Don and from Tromsø to Tripoli, this program takes you through Europe’s evolution from the Middle Ages to today. Choose a broad European education or focus on a specific country. To fully understand Europe, you’ll take one course in a European language and have the opportunity to study abroad.

United States Studies

One of this planet’s most powerful nations, the United States has a rich history and rapidly evolving future. You’ll develop a broad understanding of this country through studies in literature, history, politics and the arts. Specialize in topics such as the U.S. in the world or African American culture.

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