Supplementary Information Form

You will need to complete a supplementary information form when you are applying to:

  • the Schulich School of Business (accessed through the Schulich Faculty Web site)
  • Social Work (not applicable to Canadian high-school applicants) (accessed via MyFile)
  • Faculty of Education * (accessed via MyFile)

Deadlines to submit the forms are as follows:

  Entry Point
Program Fall
Social Work
February 25 n/a n/a
Social Work
February 25 n/a n/a
(direct-entry) *
December 16 n/a n/a
(applicants within Ontario)
February 5 n/a n/a
(applicants outside Ontario)
February 5 n/a n/a
(applicants to second year)
March 12 n/a n/a

* There is a $50 non-refundable application processing fee that is collected online as credit card payment through the Faculty of Education’s own in-house system. Applicants are not considered if they do not complete their online supplementary information form with the $50 processing fee. Only applicants who receive an offer to Glendon based on first-semester final/full-year midterm Grade 12 marks will be considered for the Direct Entry BEd (French) option. For the BEd (French) program option, French language proficiency is assessed using the Glendon online French Proficiency Language Assessment (FPLA). By April 11, all applicants will need to have completed the online French Placement Language Assessment (FPLA) through Glendon’s advising office.