Residence & Housing

York's residences are more than places to live. They are vibrant communities where students learn, grow and develop, and make friends that will last a lifetime. More than 4,000 students (1,600 are in first year) live at York in our nine undergraduate residences (seven on Keele campus, two on Glendon).

What's in Residence for You?

  • Access: You are in the centre of everything York has to offer. Close to your classes, the gym, libraries and — if you choose to work on campus — your job!
  • Well-planned meals: You can choose from a variety of meal plans that suit your eating needs and habits. Menu options include halal, kosher and vegetarian.
  • Residence support staff: Your Residence Life Coordinators and a team of Dons (senior-student mentors) are there to orient and guide you, making your residence stay a smooth one.
  • Living-Learning Communities: Live with students who are interested in the same things you are and gain access to academic support to help you achieve your goals.

Who You'll Live With

Most buildings offer traditional dormitory style with standard bedrooms and shared washrooms and lounges. All buildings are co-ed, though same-gender floors and washrooms are available. The standard single dormitory-style room is approximately 8.5 by 12.5 feet (106 square feet). The Keele campus also has some suite-style residences that include ensuite kitchens and bathrooms, which are typically shared by two or six students. You can select your own roommate on your application or have one selected for you through a compatibility questionnaire.

Applying to Residence

Residence is guaranteed to first-year students admitted directly from a full-time secondary-school program who apply by the deadline. First-year students admitted with an average of 90 per cent or higher are also guaranteed a single room if requested by the deadline. You must apply by June 1 to secure your guarantee for residence. Apply now.

Living-Learning Communities

York's Residences contain several Living-Learning Communities or "Themed Houses". These are groups of mostly first-year students living together, sharing a common academic program or interest.

All students living in residence at York University have the option to apply to live in a themed house. Each residence has its own theme or themes and, in most cases, you do not need to be a major in a specific program to be eligible — the two exceptions are Life Sciences House in Bethune and Current Topics in Psychology in Calumet. For all the other themed houses, all you need is an interest in the topic and the desire to participate throughout the year in activities related to the theme.

Visit the Living-Learning Communities page for more information.

Applying to Glendon?

Learn more about living in residence at Glendon.