In our contemporary world saturated with media, critical knowledge of information and its technologies forms the backbone of global communication.

Studying communications at York gives you marketable skills, a comprehensive understanding of how communications function in a social context, as well as theoretical and historical foundations of traditional and recent mass media, all leading to a rewarding career as a public relations specialist, journalist, marketer, publishing professional, policy adviser, media consultant, corporate and organizational communications officer.

Communication Studies

The program looks at the social roles of media and communication, examining how people gather, share and use information. You’ll study the theoretical and historical foundations of media, theories of communication processes, relationships between media and identity and the expanding role of digital communication and new media in our increasingly globalized society.

Creative Writing

One of only a few Creative Writing undergraduate degree programs in the country, this program focuses on literary writing and introduces you to a variety of forms and styles employed and experimented with by well-known authors. Upper-year entry only. See also Professional Writing.

Professional Writing

Your ability to write well is a valuable and transferable skill. No matter where you live and work, the effective written communication of ideas, knowledge and opinion is indispensable. Your studies will include theories of writing, research methods, magazine writing, editing and multimedia presentation.

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