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Imagine leadership in business, policy-making or finance without knowledge of economic theory — it is impossible! Government policy analysts determining the benefits and costs of a potential free trade agreement, business leaders examining output and pricing strategies and Central Bank consultants looking to resolve financial crises — they all make use of essential economic concepts and economic statistical analysis to figure out the best outcome, inevitably influencing our daily lives.

Take your pick among these rewarding program options:

Business Economics

In applying economic theory to business management, you’ll learn the analytical and decision-making techniques used in business, and come to understand the public and private institutional environments within which businesses operate.

Business Economics / Économie et commerce

Gain insight and international perspectives on strategic competition, the internal organization of firms and challenges facing businesses. Equipped with communications and problem-solving skills our bilingual, business-trained graduates have a professional edge in the workplace.


Economics lies at the root of most social challenges today. Learn how to use the analytical and quantitative tools of economics to solve a range of contemporary issues related to production and consumption in a variety of contexts, including product, labour and capital markets.

Economics / Science économique

Studying Economics gives you insights into how people and organizations choose to distribute limited resources across competing areas. Our program provides a unique balance between technical analysis and skill-building, with the application to real-world problems. You’ll also learn about management, international labour markets, the fundamentals of economic theory and more.

Financial & Business Economics

  Learn how the financial world functions. Examine the stock market and how companies are financed. As a student in Financial & Business Economics, you’ll benefit from a rigorous quantitative and analytical economic approach with practical application.

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