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Why are alternate offers made by York U?

If you’ve received an offer of admission – even though it’s not to the specific program you originally applied to – it means that we’re interested in you. There may be several reasons we may have made an alternative program offer.

  • Admission to some programs is quite competitive and can be based on non-academic information along with your academic standing (GPA). For example, an audition or portfolio review is included in the assessment for BFA majors within the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design, and a leadership profile is assessed along with GPA for admission to the Schulich School of Business to name just two examples.
  • Some students do not meet the requirements for their programs of choice because their high-school averages fell below the cutoffs for their university program. Cutoffs for a college or university transfer student may be different.
  • Applicants may also receive an alternative offer because their transcripts did not show evidence of one or more of the prerequisite courses required for the program.
  • Applicants with a later application deadline may find that some programs will have closed because of meeting their enrolment capacity by the time they are considered for admission. You raise your chances of admission by submitting a complete application package as early as possible. Deadlines can be found here:

How are alternative offers made?

We review each application carefully. If an application doesn’t meet the requirements for a particular program, we may offer admission to a similar program if the admission requirements for the alternative program are met.

What if I’m missing prerequisite courses for my first choice? Can I upgrade?

Some students will chose to complete the missing pre-requisite(s) during summer school in order to be re-considered for their first choice program. If you intend to do this, you must inform our admission’s office so that we can verify whether space exists in your chosen program, and so that we can adjust your file to include proof of registration in the required pre-requisite course.

Contact the Office of Admissions:

York also offers three courses to help you to complete the most commonly required pre-requisite courses for admission. Courses include Math for Admissions, Pre-U Humanities, Pre-U Social Science. Find the courses here:

Can I transfer into my first choice after first year?

When you attend your enrolment appointment, ask your adviser about ways to include your original interest in the new program. Most programs offer the opportunity to add a minor area of study or do a double major. Check our Glossary of Terms at for definitions to this new vocabulary. The advisor can talk with you about the options available and grades or courses required for achieving your goals.

Where do I find out more information about the alternative program you’re offering me?

For the best information about the alternative program to which you've been admitted, check out the Programs section of York’s Future Students Web site at From there, you’ll find detailed program information and links to department contacts who can answer questions specific to your program area.

I’ve been offered admission to the same (or similar) major, but into a different degree.

This may be because you are missing a required pre-requisite course(s) for the degree in question OR it may be because the program is full OR your current average is below the required cut off for the other degree program. We’re pleased to say that your current record meets the requirements for the alternate program for which we have made an offer. We encourage you to consider and accept your alternate offer and ensure that you will be meeting the final conditions of this offer of admission.

I have been admitted into a Qualifying Year program. What is this?

Qualifying Year programs are offered to applicants who have shown academic promise, but who are slightly below admission averages or missing prerequisites requirements. Students who successfully complete the Qualifying Year program will automatically be transferred into the full program in Year 2. For more information about these programs, please review the PDF documents below.

I’ve been offered admission to Commerce but I applied to Schulich?

Your application to the Schulich School of Business is still under review. Admission to Schulich is competitive and involves a supplemental process along with review of your academic record. Timing of an admission decision to Schulich will normally occur in the spring (April – May). Based on your current academic record we are able to extend an offer of admission to our Bachelor of Commerce program. To learn more about our Commerce program please visit