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In AMPD, you're a creator set to realize a visionary path.

As Canada’s most comprehensive arts school, AMPD will provide you with superb training, an intellectually vibrant and engaged community, rich industry connections, a network of trailblazing alumni, and world-class facilities in which to experiment, learn and lead. You will be encouraged to collaborate with peers and professionals to explore imaginative ways of thinking and doing, and to make a meaningful and enduring impact in the world.

Creativity is the single most valuable asset for your future success.

We stand on the threshold of a dramatically new, radically different kind of arts future in which the communication of our ideas and their physical and virtual expression have extraordinary value, and are becoming the new currency of the creative economy. Our world needs artists who are daring thinkers, makers, collaborators and innovators. These are the kinds of leaders we're preparing in AMPD.

Your degree from AMPD will give you the artistic edge, practical skills, critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit that will empower you to pioneer new ideas and experiences that advance your dreams, support the evolution of creative industries, and inspire the creation of ground-breaking new art forms.

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