Proctortrack FAQs

Student Device Requirements

What is the minimum operating system (OS) requirements to run Proctortrack?
Minimum OS requirements are listed at

What browsers are compatible with Proctortrack?
Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers. While Proctortrack will work with other browsers, the user experience is far superior in Chrome.

Will Proctortrack work on an iPad, tablet or mobile device?
No, an exam has to be taken on a desktop or laptop.

How does Protortrack operate in Moodle?
Please refer to the Using Proctortrack in Moodle manual for students.

Does Proctortrack require administrative privileges to install?

What happens if my device crashes or freezes during an exam?
You can restart the computer and Proctortrack will either continue from where it left off, or you’ll need to restart the test flow from the Learning Management System (e.g. Moodle or Canvas). It depends on how long it took to restart the computer.

Student Onboarding Process

Do I need to complete the Proctortrack Onboarding Quiz?
Yes. In order to use Proctortrack during your final exam, you are required to complete the Proctortrack Onboarding Quiz.

The onboarding process gives you the opportunity to make sure everything is working correctly during low-pressure circumstances. It also gives you time to make any changes to your system well before the first exam.

Your instructor will advise you when the Onboarding Quiz is set up for you to complete.

When logging into your course in your Learning Management System (e.g. Moodle or Canvas) look for the Proctortrack Onboarding Quiz.

What courses should students expect to take an online proctored exam?
Proctortrack is available for courses that have exams during the designated exam periods in S1, S2, SU and FA of 2020 and for course that have professional accreditation requirements requiring proctored tests or exams. Not all instructors will use Proctortrack for their exam.

Student Support

How long – on average – will it take me to be onboarded?
Approximately 30 minutes. You should complete onboarding in advance of your actual exam. Follow the deadline stated by your instructor.

Is there a live chat or other mechanism to get technical support during an exam?
Yes. If you have any questions, contact Proctortrack support:
Chat online:,
Email: or call 1-844-753-2020

Is there a cost to students for using Proctortrack?
No, there is no cost to students for using Proctortrack.

Internet Requirements

How much bandwidth is required complete an exam on Proctortrack?
Proctortrack uploads data asynchronously, so it can work with low or unreliable networks. It requires 400Kbps for data upload in real time.

What happens if I lose Internet connectivity while doing an exam?
Proctortrack will continue to run and capture data. Once the exam is complete and internet connection resumes, Proctortrack will upload the captured data. If students are found to be violating exam rules during the time in which the internet is down, the session will still be flagged for violations.


Does Proctortrack have Security and Privacy Impact Assessment documentation available?
Proctortrack complies with Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). York University’s Counsel, Privacy and Information Security Offices also conducted extensive independent reviews of the Proctortrack service to ensure it meets York’s standards. All data  will be held on Proctortrack Canadian servers. 

Does York University have policies on computing and information technology?
Yes. Please refer to Senate Policy on Computing and Information Technology Facilities,

What types of Identification is required prior to taking the exam?
You will be requested to show your face and YU-card to validate identity, per the same structure that occurs during an in-person exam.

Should a student not have a YU-card, government issued ID can be displayed to the camera, showing only the picture and name (all other information can be covered by you). You will not be asked invasive personal questions, such as your government-issued identifiers (e.g. social insurance number, passport number). Access to this information is restricted to the instructor when they download the files and they will be securely stored on Proctortrack’s Canadian servers.

York University will not require a room scan or knuckle scan through Proctortrack.

How long will information be stored on Proctortrack servers?
Exam records will be retained on Proctortrack servers up to 365 days. Records that have been flagged for potential academic breaches will be downloaded to York systems. Access to confidential student information is governed by the Policy on Access to Student Records and Protection of Privacy  to ensure your privacy is always protected.

How does a course instructor know that a student has completed the exam?
Once you complete an exam, instructors are advised of it being completed through Proctortrack notification. Instructors can then download the exam for assessment.

Do students have to accept Proctortrack’s terms of service before using the service?

York University has done a thorough risk assessment. Proctortrack is a known and established company, that has been vetted by the government. We’re satisfied that all risks have been considered and mitigated as much as possible. The language in Proctortrack’s Terms of Service is comparable to that found in a number of common applications and programs. York’s Information Security Office has reviewed the different elements of this software and are confident moving forward with this online proctoring tool. The software vendor and York will support students if they encounter any issues.


How does Proctortrack work with assistive technologies?
Proctortrack by default does not blacklist applications that are commonly used for accessibility. Proctortrack can be configured to allow specific applications to run during exams. Exam Accommodation follows the regular York University process. If you need academic accommodations, please contact your course instructor immediately.

Academic accommodations are based on the specific individualized functional limitations a student experiences. If you require academic accommodations as the result of a permanent or temporary disability you need to register with Student Accessibility Services. You will receive a formal Letter of Accommodation (LOA) which outlines RECOMMENDED accommodations. If those accommodations are possible within the context of a course, they can be implemented immediately.

In the case where recommended accommodations compromise the academic integrity of a course, connect with the student’s counsellor directly or by emailing so a discussion can take place with respect to what is appropriate.

What happens if I become ill or incapacitated during an online proctored exam?
The system will register if you are no longer visible on screen. Please seek medical or personal attention, as needed. Advise your instructor of the incident as soon as possible and provide any appropriate documentation (if applicable).

Students with medical conditions and who are registered with Student Accessibility Services will have a notation on their letter of accommodation and might not need to provide documentation.