One-Stop-Shop: Partnering to Support International Students

Mayoori Malankov, International Student Advisor and Immigration Lawyer (York International)
Miranda Ramnarine, Science Academic Advisor, International & Distance (Faculty of Science)
Woo Kim, Director, International Student and Scholar Services (York International)

International students often have complex cases that require not only academic advising, but also immigration advising, financial advising, and possibly more. As one advisor, it’s hard to know everything that impacts an international student, and sometimes, even when we send the student to the right office, they don’t know how to explain what information to convey to the next advisor. In response to this, York International and several academic advising offices have started an initiative called Joint Advising. Come learn how advisors have worked together to support international students in a comprehensive and holistic way.

Wednesday, Jul 19, 2023 2:30 – 3:30 PM