Admissions Process

Admissions Process

The admission process is a collaboration between the Office of Admissions, the Graduate Program and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Required documents and submission deadlines differ by program; make sure you know what they are and when they’re due by visiting the appropriate program page. All documentation submitted becomes the property of York University and cannot be returned.

Late applications are only accepted at the discretion of the graduate program. To request a late application, please get in touch with the program contacts. For extended deadlines, please check with the Office of Admissions or contact the program office.

The Office of Admissions

Assembles all of your required documentation into one file.

Determines whether you meet the minimum admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the program to which you have applied.

Please note: It will take the Office of Admissions 10 to 15 working days to process application packages and/or any documentation that needs to be matched with an application.

The Graduate Program

Reviews your application file and then determines whether you meet the academic standards required for graduate study in the specific field to which you have applied and also reviews other criteria such as matching interests and the availability of supervisors.

Informs the Office of Admissions of its recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies regarding whether to admit you to the program.

Final stage

The length of time it takes to arrive at a decision can vary greatly due to the complexity of the program and its process. The best advice is to submit your complete application package well in advance of the program application deadline.

The Office of Admissions will notify you of a decision via MyFile. If you are admitted, the letter will include information about any conditions associated with your offer of admission. The Graduate Program Office may also send a letter to you containing information relevant to your participation in the program.

For Further Reference

International applicants: study permit and visa information

Steps to Apply

The Office of Admission, York University, sends official communication about application and admission via e-mail. You will receive acknowledgement of your application as well as information about financial aid, on-campus events, offers of admission and your next steps after acceptance. It is important that you open, read and take action (if required) upon receipt of an e-mail.