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Actuaries assess, evaluate and manage the financial risks faced by individuals, organizations and governments for future planning. Learn to think through risks such as illness, disability and death, the effects of natural disasters and major economic or social change.

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Actuarial studies provide a firm grounding in the traditional skill set of mathematics, statistics, demography, finance and economics. This background, coupled with strong analytical skills, sees actuaries serving as financial advisers to a range of organizations including life, health and general insurance companies; banks and other financial institutions; and governments. Actuaries tackle a wide range of problems, most of which involve uncertainty about the future — a fact of life.

In North America, the standard way to become an actuary is to pass the examinations set and administered by either the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society. For great tips on becoming an actuary, visit the BeAnActuary microsite.

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Endless Possibilities

From understanding core commercial principles to the ability to link mathematical theory to everyday situations, you’ll graduate with much more than you imagined. Take your passion to the next level and find a path for after graduation that’s right for you.

Skills Acquired

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Business Modelling
  • Business Theory
  • Data Collection
  • Organization

Career Possibilities

  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Laywer
  • Project Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Actuary
  • Banking Software Engineer
  • Broker
  • Business Advisor
  • Government Agency Worker

The York Promise

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