Course Descriptions

What are institutionally prepared course descriptions?

Examples include:

  • an undergraduate calendar/catalogue from the university or college you attended (it must represent the same timeframe you attended the institution);
  • a photocopy of the relevant calendar/catalogue pages. (It must be clear that the photocopy is from the calendar/catalogue; therefore, include a copy of the cover);
  • the URL to the webpage that contains the description of the courses. (It must be clear from the Web address that the site is maintained by your former school);
  • actual printed pages from your former school's website;
  • a faxed copy of any of the above;
  • a faxed copy or mail of syllabi/course outlines direct from your former school.

Under what circumstances do I need to send you institutionally prepared course descriptions?

If you have studied at a recognized college or university outside Canada or the United States (in certain instances), you must provide detailed course descriptions prepared by your former institution. If course descriptions are available at the Institution's website, the exact URL to the webpage(s) OR printed copies of the webpage(s) are required. The outlines should include: overall course description, detailed list of topics covered, list of textbooks used, grading practices, number of weeks in attendance (excluding examination period), and number of lecture, tutorial and laboratory hours.

If you have previously completed anthropology, business (e.g. accounting, taxation), biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, mathematics, psychology, physics or statistics courses, you must also provide institutionally prepared course outlines/syllabi, including an overall course description, detailed list of topics covered, a list of all required textbooks, and the number of lecture, tutorial and laboratory hours in order to evaluate previous studies.

Please refer to York's Academic Calendar for more information on course descriptions and eligibility for transfer credit.

Why do I need to send you institutionally prepared course descriptions?

We need to be able to determine the academic content of your studies. Only by seeing the course descriptions can we do this properly. As well, we need course descriptions to determine what transfer credit for which you're eligible.

Can I write the course descriptions myself?

No. They must be institutionally prepared (see description above).

My school does not provide course descriptions. What should I do?

Without institutionally prepared course descriptions, no course credit exclusions can be granted.

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My course descriptions are in another language. What should I do?

Translate them into English yourself and submit both the original language and the English version.

Are course descriptions required from studies completed in any of the following programs: International Baccalaureate, Baccalauréat Français, Advanced level General Certificate of Education (GCE), Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) or Advanced Placement (AP)?

No, we don't need course descriptions in these cases.

I don't want any transfer credit for previous postsecondary studies. Can I start as a new first-year student?

No. You must declare all previous postsecondary studies on your application for admission. We need this information in order to make an admission decision. As well, we need to know about your previous studies when we consider you for transfer credit.

Failure to report previous postsecondary studies is a serious breach of academic honesty and may result in the cancellation of your application or registration at York.

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* Every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct and clearly expressed information possible. Nevertheless, inadvertent errors in information may occur. Therefore, the information contained at this site is intended only to provide a general indication of our policies. The actual outcomes will vary according to each individual's situation.

The Senate Policy on Academic Honesty applies to applicants to York University and any submission of documentation be found to be false or modified without authorization is a breach of the policy and will lead to charges under the policy.  Penalties can range from withdrawal of an offer of admission to expulsion to rescission of a degree.

Applicants who choose to work with an agent or immigration consultant during the process of submitting their applications and required documents to York University for admission consideration are fully responsible for the accuracy of their applications content and all related materials.