Language Proficiency Requirements

The majority of programs at the Keele campus are offered in English, while programs at our Glendon Campus are offered in a bilingual (French/English) environment. To gain admission, you must demonstrate proficiency in your program's language of instruction.

For admission to a program offered at Keele
If you are applying for a program offered in English and have not completed four full years of study in Canada in English at the secondary-school level or in a country where English is a primary language of instruction, you must demonstrate your language proficiency in English. Further exemptions are available.

Proof of language proficiency can be provided by submitting an acceptable language test score.

For admission to a program offered at Glendon
If you are applying to Glendon, you have the option of providing proof of language proficiency in either English or French. You can provide an acceptable English language test or write the French Language Admissions Test administered by the Glendon Recruitment & Liaison Office (416-487-6710,

Si vous faites une demande d'admission au campus Glendon, vous avez le choix de faire preuve de votre compétence en anglais ou en français. Vous pouvez vous présenter à l'un des tests de langue anglaise suivants, ou de passer le test de compétence en langue française administré par le Service de liaison de Glendon (416-487-6710 ou

Faculty of Education
Applicants to the Faculty of Education consecutive teacher education program (BEd Consecutive) must satisfy English language proficiency requirements.

If you are in doubt about whether you meet our language requirements, submit an acceptable English language test score as soon as possible to avoid potential delays in the processing of your application for admission.

Special conditional admission for high-achieving applicants
For those required to meet language proficiency requirements, York may offer conditional admission, pending proof of language proficiency, to academically highly qualified students. Eligible candidates must present a minimum 80% average on Grade 12 U/M credits or standing equivalent to an "A" average in senior-level academic course prerequisites.

Conditionally admitted students must fulfill language proficiency requirements prior to the start of classes for the session to which they've been admitted as follows:

  1. by presenting acceptable TOEFL, IELTS or YELT scores; OR
  2. successfully completing level six at York University's English Language Institute (YUELI) will also satisfy the English language requirement.

Conditionally admitted Francophone applicants may satisfy language requirements by taking the French Language Placement Test offered by Glendon.

All applicants conditionally admitted will be notified by hard copy letter as well as by e-mail. Applicants may also check the status of their application via MyFile.

Bridging to English studies at York
Students needing to improve their command of the English language may consider enrolling at the York University English Language Institute (YUELI). YUELI provides the highest quality English language instruction, serving over 2,000 students from more than 50 different countries every year. YUELI's programs include university academic preparation programs for undergraduate and graduate students, summer language institutes and customized programs. Visit YUELI for a full listing of offerings and services.

For exemptions to providing an official language test score, visit our page on Language Proficiency Tests.

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