York English Language Test (YELT)

What is the York English Language Test?

The YELT test evaluates your ability to read, write, comprehend and speak English at university level. It also helps determine whether you require additional English as a Second Language (ESL) courses as part of your university program.

There are two parts to the YELT:

  1. Written
    You will be given short reading passages from university-level texts. You will then be asked to respond in writing to questions about the text, as well as write a brief essay on a given topic. The test will take 1-½ hours. 
  2. Oral
    If you successfully complete Part 1, you will be invited to do Part 2 on a later date. Part 2 is an interview designed to evaluate your spoken English and normally takes 20 minutes.

How to register for YELT?

  1. In Person
    Bring the required documents and fee to the Office of Admissions when you register*. 
  2. By Mail
    Complete and return the Mail Registration Form*, the fee and required documents to the Office of Admissions.

*Deadline to register for the YELT is on Tuesday prior to the test.

Documents required to register for YELT

  1. Proof of identity
    • valid passport
    • driver's licence or the new Ontario Health Card (with the photo)None of these? An affidavit confirming your personal identity will be accepted. 
  2. Photograph
    A valid passport photograph is taken by a commercial photographer. Photographer or studio name, address and date photo was taken should be stamped on back of photograph. Specifications for Canadian passport photographs
  3. Test Fee
    $150 (Canadian). Payable to York University by Visa, Master Card, debit, money order or certified cheque.

When is YELT offered?

The YELT is offered monthly, usually on a Friday or Saturday. You will be booked into the next available test date. If registering by mail, you can expect to take the YELT within two to four weeks of the time you send in your mail registration form. The upcoming YELT test dates are posted on top of this page.

What if I live outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

You will be given a special test date where both the written and oral components of the YELT are administered on the same day. Out-of-town tests are usually offered each month on a Saturday at the Keele campus.

Contact the YELT Office directly at 416-736-5812 or email the YELT Coordinator if planning to visit Toronto and wish to make special arrangements to take the YELT during your stay.

When are YELT results available?

Results are mailed to you approximately three weeks after completion of both parts of the test. Test results are automatically sent to York University's Office of Admissions.

We strongly advise you to take the YELT at least one month prior to your admission application deadline.

Preparing for YELT?

How often can I write the YELT?

  • Rewrite YELT two months from the date of your previous written test
  • After successful completion of an appropriate ESL course, such as one offered through the York University English Language Institute (YUELI).

How long are YELT results valid?

YELT results are valid for up to two years.

Do other universities accept YELT?

Each university sets its own guidelines for acceptable language proficiency test results. Contact the university directly to find out if they will accept the YELT results.

Contact YELT

For test procedures, out-of-town test bookings and test dates, call 416-736-5812.
To register, call 416-736-5599.
Email: yelt@yorku.ca

Mailing Address
YELT Office
Bennett Centre for Student Services
99 Ian MacDonald Blvd
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario