Earth & Atmospheric Science

We offer the only degree program in Atmospheric Science in Ontario.

In this program you'll study the structure and dynamics of the earth and its atmosphere. These studies will take you from the centre of the earth to the outer edge of the atmosphere. Examing topics such as:

  • the structure and dynamics of the earth's core
  • the nature of the earth's magnetic field
  • surface plate tectonics
  • remote sensing from satellites

You'll specialize in one of the following:

  • Earth Science
    This field looks at the structure and dynamics of the earth's core; the origin and maintenance of the earth's main magnetic field; surface plate tectonics; rotational dynamics of the earth and space geodynamics; GIS and data integration; applied geophysics; and remote sensing of the earth from satellites.
  • Atmospheric Science
    You'll study atmospheric dynamics; air quality; climate change; weather prediction; cloud physics; and radar sounding of the atmosphere. The most high profile application in this field is weather prediction.

Many students combine a degree in Earth & Atmospheric Science with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing or Meteorology, the only undergraduate meteorology program in Ontario.

Possible Career Paths Include: 
  • Meteoroligist
  • Geodesist
  • Earth/atmospheric scientist or researcher