Online Undergraduate Application

Do not submit any other application to York University, if you apply online.

High-school Student? Apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre.

Applying to Glendon? Visit Futurs étudiants.

Use this application ONLY if you are:

  • A previous York student, OR
  • Applying to a Certificate, OR
  • A Visiting Student from another university, OR
  • A Visiting Student already holding a degree, OR
  • A Visiting Student fulfilling the requirements for a professional designation, OR
  • A mature or university/college transfer applicant applying only to York, OR
  • Currently taking a York pre-University/"Bridging" course or YUELI course.

Required Documentation

It is your responsibility to ensure York receives all the necessary supporting documentation and that we receive it before the deadline date.

Online application

Note: may take 30-60 seconds for the application to load.

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What happens next

  • It takes a minimum of six weeks to process your application.
  • The six-week period begins after all documents related to your application are received.
  • If any required document is not received, your application will not be processed.

Application Fees

Pay application fees using Visa or MasterCard.

Application Fee: $100

  • The processing of your application will be stopped if your credit card is refused.¬†Applications with refused credit cards will not be processed until a certified cheque for $135 (original fee plus $35 penalty) payable to York University is received. If you have fees outstanding with the University, we will not process your application until these fees are cleared.
  • Supporting documentation such as transcripts, course descriptions and language proficiency test scores (if applicable) must be sent directly to the Office of Admissions at York University.
  • All documents must be received before we can process your application. Once we have received all your documents, we require several weeks to make an admission decision.

Application fees NON-REFUNDABLE.