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Get the latest information about high-school-to-university transition, including important dates, new programs, the application process, financial support, current student experience, and preparing for first year.

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  • Get updates about York at any of the Regional Dialogue events around the province.
  • Tours, Visits and Events
  • Help your student discover their future career! The Who Am I? Self Assessment Game was developed by the York University Career Centre to provide a fun and interactive method of self assessment for students to explore their career options. It helps students to better understand who they are and what they want in the world of work.
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Important Dates

Ask an Admissions Expert

Contact Us, or call our Hotline for High-School Guidance Counsellors at 416-736-5305.

If your student is applying to Glendon, call 416-487-6710.

Admission averages

Review the entry averages as a guideline for students in a Canadian high-school curriculum.