Advanced Secondary and Other Pre-University Programs

At York, "advanced secondary studies" refer to standardized qualifications or studies that offer students an opportunity to study in an academically challenging program or courses to prepare them for postsecondary studies. Programs or courses completed with specific grades or averages are eligible for transfer credit. Some examples include Advanced Placement (AP) or the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) Diploma.

General university guidelines:

  • Computer Science, Information Technology, Kinesiology and Bachelor of Commerce courses must be taken within the last 5 years to be considered for major, minor or pre-requisites credit towards a degree program. When courses are taken longer than 5 years ago, the transfer credit may be used only as elective credit.
  • For students who are transferring to an engineering program at York University, the following courses are not eligible for transfer credit:
    • courses with the CIVL, ENG, and MECH rubrics,
    • courses with the EECS and ESSE rubrics that are required for any of the engineering programs, and
    • the course MATH 2930.
    Courses with the MATH, CHEM, and PHYS rubrics, as well as foundational science courses and complementary studies courses are eligible for transfer credit up to a maximum of 30 credits.
  • Some programs require a course grade of ‘C’ or higher for the course to apply towards a major/minor or to satisfy a prerequisite.
  • The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) courses are recognized towards certification in a number of professional programs, but not all professional accredited courses completed at other post-secondary institutions are eligible for a course credit exclusion towards a major, minor or pre-requisite credits in a degree program. Courses not granted a course credit exclusion may be used as elective credits.