Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Notice: Fraudulent text messages have been circulating to students with a link to pay their deposits. Please note that York University does not solicit payments or send payment notices via SMS text messaging. Learn how to protect yourself from frauds and scams, and contact Admissions if you suspect fraudulent activity.

Course fees are subject to change. Fees are based on the number of courses in which you are enrolled (except Bachelor of Design). All costs are in Canadian dollars. To convert fees into other currencies, access the Bank of Canada converter.

These are yearly costs based on a full-time student for the fall/winter 2023-2024. For a detailed breakdown for a specific program, visit the Course and Program Fees webpage. Visit the Student Financial Services website to determine which tuition fee category is applicable to you.

Average Costs by Program Tuition and Ancillary Fees Books and Fees
Most programs (Arts and Sciences) $7,289 $7,595 $37,281 $1,407
Business $11,217 $11,217 $40,370 $2,552
Commerce $11,164 $11,164 $40,259 $1,658
Computer Science $9,818 $10,251 $34,835 $1,620
Design $10,186 $10,636 $37,297 $2,332
Engineering $10,778 $11,256 $36,187 $2,024
  • Fees listed are approximate values based on a full courseload.
  • Tuition fees are based on an average for the current academic year and are subject to change. For detailed fees, visit the Course and Program Fees page.


  • Domestic Fees - To be eligible for domestic fees you must be either a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada (otherwise known as landed immigrant) or an exempted international student or a dependent, effective on the dates specified on an annual basis. Tuition rates for domestic out-of-province student tuition are based on your province of residence.
  • International Fees - Students who do not have the status specified above, or who apply to York and declare themselves as visa students will be charged tuition fees at international rates.

  • You can find more detailed information on fee categories and eligibility criteria on the Academic Tuition Fee Categories website.

† Seniors (over 60) enrolled at York may have all or part of their academic fees waived at the domestic fee rate for York University degree credit courses. For application information, contact Admission Client Services at 416-736-5000. View details about fee waivers.

Note for international applicants: Exercise caution if choosing an external agency to represent you in the admissions process. All fee payments should be made payable to "York University" and not to a third party. Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud and scams, and if in doubt contact the Office of Admissions.

Residence / Living Expenses

Estimated Living Expenses Residence Off-Campus Living
Residence/Apartment $7,418 to $10,070* $9,800
Meal Plan / Food $3,000 to $6,000** $3,200
Personal Expenses $5,140 $6,460
Health and Dental Care $270*** $270***
Fees listed are approximate values based on available, current ranges. Personal expense estimates are based largely on Statistics Canada Survey of Household Spending (SHS).

* View detailed residence fees on the Undergraduate Residence Rates page.

**View detailed meal plan fees on the Food Services - Meal Plans website

***$1,026 for international students, including UHIP and YFS/Glendon Plan. For more information visit York International's page on UHIP.

Paying Your Fees

Your Student Account Online Statement reflects all charges assessed to your account. For domestic students, you can pay your student account through your bank, credit union or caisse populaire using telephone or online banking. For international students, York University has partnered with two providers (CIBC and Western Union Business Solutions) who offer secure online portals for International Students to make payments for course/program fees, residence, health care and UHIP charges.

Registration Deposit


Your registration deposit is part of your tuition fees: it is not an additional fee. The deposit confirms your registration at York University and grants you access to services you will need to prepare for the start of classes and continue through your courses.

A registration deposit is required only once, for the very first academic session in which you enrol in courses.


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Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services (SFS) is your resource for up-to-date information on tuition, student fees, registration deposits, paying your account and more. 

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