Anudari Chingis

Combining practical and educational experiences through Work/Study

As an international student from Mongolia, Anudari Chingis was eager to get involved in the York University community. She joined many clubs in her first year and has also been on the varsity Track and Field team. But, Anudari says her Work/Study position as a recruitment ambassador was one of the opportunities that has had a profound impact on her experience art York.

“At York, there are many opportunities for students to volunteer, participate in Work/Study positions and even recreational activities,” she says. “My Work/Study position helped me to have a sense of community and to make friends."

The Work/Study Program at York provides eligible undergraduate domestic and international students with the chance to develop professional skills and contribute to the university through paid, on-campus employment.

Anudari, who is in her third year of the Commerce program, began her position in her second year when she was pursuing work opportunities on campus. She provides campus tours, attends York events, open houses and interacts with prospective students to connect them with useful resources. In addition, she led a team of ambassadors over her summer term, which she says enhanced her leadership abilities and helped fulfill her responsibilities. Anudari says the role has also helped her gain valuable skills to succeed both in and out of the classroom, and has contributed to her feeling more confident in social settings.

“Leading campus tours has allowed me to not feel as nervous in front of big crowds,” she says. “As an international student, I’m not really used to speaking English to big groups, and even speaking to a large group in my native language would be hard. So, this role allowed me to develop my communication skills and connect with people.”

Anudari encourages others to get involved during their time at York wherever possible and is grateful for the chance to make meaningful connections while contributing to the University community. For students who are thinking about applying for a Work/Study position, Anudari suggests pursuing volunteer opportunities and attending events hosted by the department of interest. Connecting with the department’s management team, or other students who already have a Work/Study position, is also helpful, she says.

"Along with my position, I’ve also volunteered on campus. It's just nice to have various pathways and to continue growing personally and professionally,” she says. “There are so many people around you that are passionate about the same things as you. It’s been really great to work as a team and be a part of something.”

Anudari is excited to continue her academic journey in France, where she will complete a semester abroad. She hopes to secure an internship or co-op placement when she returns, and plans to continue working in Canada following her graduation.

Just like the Work/Study program, there are many ways to gain professional, hands-on experience throughout your degree at York University.

  1. Co-op: Classroom learning is integrated with work experience in your field of study, where you alternate periods of full-time supervised work with your academic terms.
  2. Internships: Apply the theories and concepts learned in your degree by gaining practical work experience in your field of study. Four-, eight-, 12- or 16-month internships are available for multiple programs at York.
  3. Placements: Placements allow you to practice skills related to a specific discipline in a supervised, hands-on environment and receive credit for doing so. Placements are also known as fieldwork or field placements.