Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to eligible students who have been admitted to the Program. Once you have submitted your TYP application, we will provide information sessions for you to learn how to apply for and receive financial support.

In general, there are three ways to access financial assistance:

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The majority of students obtain funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), the student-loan program in Ontario. OSAP is a program run by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and funded by the provincial and federal governments.

OSAP is a needs-based program. This means that it provides loans, grants, scholarships and bursaries based on a formula that compares your educational costs to expected contributions from your parents or your spouse (if applicable) and your own income and assets. OSAP provides eligible Ontario students with financial assistance to help pay for their tuition, books, mandatory fees, living costs and transportation. OSAP offers a variety of loan, grant, bursary, and scholarship programs.

You may apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) directly at

York University bursaries, scholarships and awards

York University is committed to ensuring qualified students with demonstrated financial need have the funds to cover direct educational costs (tuition, books and mandatory course fees) associated with their academic endeavours.

To access these supports, you must apply through the Student Financial Profile (SFP). The SFP is used to apply for both merit-based and need-based scholarships and bursaries as well as on-campus employment opportunities. Some awards have specific criteria such as community service or extracurricular activities.

The SFP will be accessible upon admission, enrolment and active registration in the Program.

Work/Study Program

The Work/Study program offers paid on-campus positions for students who demonstrate financial need. To learn more about the program, visit Student Financial Services and complete the Student Financial Profile to determine whether or not you are eligible for this program. You will need your York student number or temporary reference number (from your acknowledgement letter) to apply.