Anti-Racist Research & Practice

Anti-Racist Research & Practice

Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Certificates allow you to complete a specific group of university courses (for credit) as either part of your degree studies or separately. Additional details on certificates are available here.

This professional certificate is ideal for individuals who encounter racial or cultural issues as part of their job and for those who are engaged in anti-racism research, education or organizational development. The certificate draws on the multiculturalism of the greater Toronto area and for many of your courses you'll be asked to do research in the community.

In this certificate program, you will develop comprehensive knowledge about how to challenge systemic and institutional racism, with a special focus on addressing issues in the workplace, educational and health care sectors, immigration, law enforcement, media and the expressive arts. You will acquire a host of valuable skills including policy assessment and program planning, research design and implementation and critical/analytical skills.

The program's major international collaborative research initiative, Diaspora, Islam and Gender, provides opportunities to participate in research activities as work/study students. Through this you would learn excellent research, interviewing and computer skills. You will also have the opportunity to take part in our annual symposium – Women's Voices from the Middle East.

Who can take it?

This certificate is open to the following applicants:
  1. current York students, or
  2. new applicants to York.

How to apply

  1. If you are a current York student, contact the Department of Equity Studies to find out about admissibility requirements and the application process.
  2. If you are a new applicant to York, you must ensure first that you meet the minimum requirements for admission to the University by applying through the Office of Admissions. You would then also make a separate inquiry to the Department of Equity Studies, as noted in item 1 above.

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Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

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Concurrent, Consecutive, Direct

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Fall, Winter, Summer