Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy

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Certificates allow you to complete a specific group of university courses (for credit) as part of your degree studies or separately. Additional details about certificates are available here.

This certificate is a 3 year program and can be earned in conjunction with the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) options in Kinesiology & Health Science.

Athletic Therapy specializes in the prevention, evaluation and management of neuromusculoskeletal injuries (muscles, bones and joints, etc.) and medical conditions as they relate to athletics and physical activity to help athletes return to their sport or patients to return to an active lifestyle.  

The Athletic Therapy Certificate Program is accredited by the Canadian Athletic Therapists' Association and prepares you to achieve the professional designation of a Certified Athletic Therapist in Canada, enabling you to work with professional athletes as well as the active population.  

The Athetic Therapy Certificate includes practical or 'hands on' experiential education courses encompassing prevention, assessment and management of athletic injuries both on the field and in the clinic.  You will have the opportunity to work directly with both varisty level and professional level athletes.  Previous students have had the opportunity to work with professional teams such as the Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tigercats, National Ballet of Canada, Canada Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby Canada, and the Toronto FC Academy soccer club. 

Who can take it?

This certificate is open to current York students in the Kinesiology & Health Science degree program (BA or BSc) who meet the Athletic Therapy Certificate Program admission criteria. 

Students who have already graduated from York University or another university with a Kinesiology degree will not be eligible to apply to the program.

How to apply

Certificate information, application instructions and links to application forms can be found on the School of Kinesiology & Health Science website.

Students who are admitted to the Athletic Therapy Certificate program can only take part in one certificate at a time.

York also offers a Kinesiology & Health Science certificate in Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counselling.

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