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Indigenous Studies

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Through the Indigenous Studies program, students can complete a BA, Specialized Honours BA, Honours BA, Honours Major/Minor BA and Minor BA entirely in Indigenous studies. Indigenous Studies offers a unique range of courses that address the histories, experiences, cultural expression and concerns of Indigenous peoples, with a strong focus on self-empowerment, as well as their relationships with other racialized communities and with Canada as a whole. The program enables students to enter into careers relating to Indigenous peoples, as well as further academic studies in law, social work, education and York's upcoming graduate program in Indigenous Thought.

The Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Indigenous Studies addresses the experiences of Indigenous people including issues in language, history, and culture. This certificate offers a range of courses that provide a unique focus on the history of the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada. The program will be of interest to any students for whom knowledge of Aboriginal history, culture and issues may have a particular salience in their envisioned career paths and/or future academic studies.

York University students may earn a Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Indigenous Studies in addition to fulfilling the requirements for an undergraduate degree. This certificate is open to students in all undergraduate Faculties.

To qualify for the Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Indigenous Studies, students must complete 24 credits from a list of approved courses, with a cumulative grade point average in these 24 credits of at least 5.00, (C+). Some curses on this list may have prerequisites, which wll increase the number of courses required for the certificate.

Students are expected to register their entry to the certificate program with the unit administering the program, normally prior to completion of 36 credits of their undergraduate degree program. This procedure is intended to help keep students abreast of program-related events and to ensure that students complete the program requirements in a timely fashion. Students are also expected to submit an application to graduate from the program. Refer to the Academic Standards section for details of the undergraduate certificate minimum standards.

For further information, or to register in the certificate program, please call 416-736-5235 or visit the Department of Equity Studies.

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