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Certificates allow you to complete a specific group of university courses (for credit) as either part of your degree studies or separately. Additional details on certificates are available here.

The transportation of products and services is key to the productivity and success of every business in the world. Traffic congestion, inefficient travel infrastructures and delay waste time and burden businesses with higher costs. Transportation is key to generating and fostering economic growth and in determining the competitiveness of business in the world economy.

Logistics is a study of transportation science. Transportation science, a growing and evolving field, is the study of the concepts, methods and principles of moving products and services effectively and efficiently from point A to point B - whether by car, truck, airplane, train, ship or on foot. Its methodologies draw from physics, operations research, probability and control theory.

Students who enrol in this professional certificate program will develop expertise in component of purchasing, inventory management and distribution network design.

Who can take it?

Applicants must have successfully completed a 4U math (or equivalent) course within the last five years prior to starting the core certificate requirements.

This certificate is open to the following applicants:

  1. current York students, or
  2. new applicants to York.

How to apply

Certificate information, application instructions and links to application forms can be found on the School of Administrative Studies website.

  1. If you are a current York student, contact the School of Administrative Studies to find out about admissibility requirements and the application process.
  2. If you are a new applicant to York, you must ensure first that you meet the minimum requirements for admission to the University by applying through the Office of Admissions. You would then also make a separate inquiry to the School of Administrative Studies, as noted in item 1 above.