Refugee & Migration Studies / Études sur la migration et sur les réfugiés

Refugee & Migration Studies / Études sur la migration et sur les réfugiés


Certificates allow you to complete a specific group of university courses (for credit) as either part of your degree studies or separately. Additional details on certificates are available here.

The state of the world's refugees has become an issue of global importance. Forced migration is affecting vast numbers of people who find themselves victims of exclusion — and who are often denied a place of asylum.

This certificate program investigates the causes of forced migration, the ethical and legal issues involved, the impact on individuals and refugee communities and the implications for the wider society. This certificate investigates the conceptual issues (definitions, refugee rights, ethical norms) surrounding refugees and their status.

Who can take it?

This certificate is open to the following applicants:
  1. current York students, or
  2. new applicants to York.

How to apply

  1. If you are a current York student, contact the Centre for Refugee Studies to find out about admissibility requirements and the application process.
  2. If you are a new applicant to York, you must ensure first that you meet the minimum requirements for admission to the University by applying through the Office of Admissions. You would then also make a separate inquiry to the Centre for Refugee Studies, as noted in item 1 above.

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General, Bilingual, Cross-Disciplinary

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