Indigenous Students Admission

Application Process

How to Apply?

  1. For general information on applying to York University click here:
  2. Be sure to check if you meet the requirements for both general admission to York and the program-specific admission requirements.
  3. Be sure to complete all application requirements needed for the program you are applying to by the indicated deadlines (e.g. some programs require a Supplementary Evaluation, or Audition).
  4. If you are an Indigenous person please “self-identify” (declare) on your application at the Ontario Universities Application Centre or on the York web application.
  5. You may also complete an Additional Information Form to provide more information about yourself for your application. More information about the form can be found below.

Additional Information Form for Indigenous Applicants

As a self-identified Indigenous student, you have the option to complete the Additional Information Form for Indigenous Applicants. Completing the form is voluntary. This form provides an opportunity for you to explain more about yourself for the admissions committee when reviewing your application. Should your grade point average (GPA) fall below the required minimum, it is strongly encouraged that you pursue this option. Admission requirements and GPA ranges are available for review at

Completing this form does not guarantee an offer of admission to York University or your program of choice; however, it will provide the admissions committee a more holistic view of your background and application.

The questions on the form provide a way to do the following:

  • Introduce yourself and tell us about your background.
  • Express your interest in studying at York University and your future career goals.
  • Discuss any leadership and/or community engagement opportunities you have been involved in and will support your success at York. This may include volunteering, professional development or personal interests. You may list any extra-curricular and/or community activities or accomplishments in which you are involved (if applicable).
  • Provide a summary of your skills and strengths that will equip you to do well at York.
  • Share any social or personal barriers to academic success that you may have experienced. Please discuss how these have impacted your pathway to university and how you have or are currently trying to overcome them.

By completing and submitting this form you are self-identifying as an Indigenous person* and requesting that your additional information be considered as part of your admissions assessment.

Proceed to the form

Should you have any questions please contact Alexandra Stoett, Indigenous Recruitment Officer, at Your statements will be kept private and confidential and will be seen only by the admissions assessment team and staff in the Centre for Indigenous Student Services to support your application.

We encourage you to visit the Centre for Indigenous Student Services (CISS) to meet some of the staff and some community members and use the services available to you as an Indigenous student. Should you wish to learn more about the supports and services we offer you can visit the Centre's website. You can also further review admission requirements for Indigenous students. You can also view our video.

We welcome your interest in York University and look forward to working with you.

Self-Identifying as Indigenous

If you self-identify as an Aboriginal/Indigenous person, please indicate this in your application to York University, whether through York's website or through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). Self-identifying as an Indigenous person is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. You will be put in contact with the Centre for Indigenous Student Services (CISS) and learn about the various support services, workshops and programming offered to self-identified Indigenous Students.
  2. You will be notified of scholarships, bursaries and funding opportunities for Indigenous students and be eligible to apply for these awards.
  3. You will have access to events of interest to Indigenous students and have the opportunity to connect with the Indigenous Students Association at York, the Indigenous Students Association at Glendon and the Osgoode Indigenous Students Association.
  4. You will be able to submit an Additional Information Form for Indigenous Applicants in support of your application should you wish. The Indigenous Recruitment Officer will be able to check in on your application and advocate on your behalf where and when necessary.
  5. Data on self-identification supports internal and external reporting at CISS and informs future programming and initiatives.

Should you choose to self-identify after you have applied, please contact with Alexandra Stoett, Indigenous Recruitment Officer, at

Please note: we do NOT require a photocopy or proof of Indian Status cards, Metis cards or any other government documentation indicating Indigenous lineage. Any photocopies of documentation received will be shredded and discarded. Any original documentation will be returned to you.

*As defined by the Constitution Act 1982, section 35(2), an Aboriginal person in Canada is defined into three main groups as Indian/First Nations, Métis and Inuit..