Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Science

Join the top field in predicting numbers for many areas in science, engineering, business and social sciences. Become an interdisciplinary scientist versatile in the techniques and language of mathematics and familiar with applications in other fields. Learn how to create mathematical models, the key tool for solving real-world problems. Learn techniques in analysis, simulation, and data science. Make informed recommendations on real-world problems. Specialize in areas like scientific computing, disease modeling, and mathematical finance.

The many careers in applied and industrial mathematics are described in the brochure from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

What makes Applied Mathematics at York unique?

York’s professors in applied mathematics are interdisciplinary scientists working in the fields of public health, physics, biology, finance, and more. We study vaccination and intervention strategies for disease outbreak, climate change, derivatives in mathematical finance, the inflation of the universe, improvements for lithium ion batteries, materials and atmospheric science, and the behavior of bacteria in the human gastro-intestinal system.

Many of our professors apply mathematical models and simulations to help governments around the work with COVID-19.

So you will learn from our world-class experts. Learn to do scientific computing. Learn statistical and visualization methods in data science. Use numerical methods and differential equations to invent algorithms, and then run these algorithms on powerful computer clusters. You will learn to attack quantitative problems in any field and get answers.

You can get a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hons), Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons), Bachelor of Arts Specialized Honours (BA Spec. Hons), or Bachelor of Science Specialized Honours (BA Spec. Hons) degree in Applied Mathematics. Or you can get a Specialized Honours BA or Specialized Honours BSc degrees in Applied Mathematics – Financial Mathematics. An Honours Minor BA/BSc in Applied Mathematics is also possible.

  • In the BA program, you can take electives in areas like economics, business, psychology, or philosophy.
  • In the BSc program, you can take electives in areas like physics, astronomy, biology, or chemistry.

We encourage you to explore our program to learn more about our academic programs, courses, students, professors, cutting-edge research, activities, and more.

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