Computer Security

Computer Security

Lassonde School of Engineering

A degree in Computer Security provides you with a skillset to kick-start your career as a leading expert in protecting key infrastructures such as banks, transportation, electrical grids, hospitals, and schools - which all rely on security to function safely. You will learn how to assess the cyber security risk and mitigate possible security threats in software, networks, databases, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and other computer systems. This program will enable you to create a meaningful impact across many diverse industries.

This program has an optional co-application that is strongly recommended.  Co-op is available to all Computer Security students after your second year and does not require a separate application.

What You'll Learn 
Computer security is the specialized part of computer science that studies threats to computer systems and networks. It is the science and practice of how to mitigate them. In our Computer Security program, you will build a solid foundation in computer science and math and study a variety of courses, including cryptography and operating systems. 

We offer both BA and BSc degrees, which share the same computer science and math requirements. In the BA program, you will complement your studies with Liberal Arts courses (e.g., humanities and social sciences). In BSc, the complimentary courses will be in the sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics).

After your second year, our co-op program can provide you with valuable industry experience, giving you a head start with your career.

Some Courses You'll Take  
Object Oriented Programming 
Mobile App Development 
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 
Computer Security Management 
Applied Cryptography 
Computer Security Management and Forensics 

Career Paths Include   
Computer Forensics
Information Security Law
Security Analyst 

What is the difference between Computer Science, Computer Security, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Information Technology?

Computer Science deals with the theory and practice of computer hardware and software. Students learn the theory that underlies computation and how to develop effective, efficient and correct software. This program is intensive in Mathematics and Computer Science courses.

Computer Security focuses on the privacy of personal data, preventing unauthorized access to computer systems, ensuring back-up contingency plans in the event of data loss and protecting systems from malicious activity.

Computer Engineering looks at how fundamental engineering design principles can be used to develop computer software and hardware while teaching you how to keep your knowledge and skills current as technology advances.

Software Engineering focuses on software including design, development, coding, integration, and testing. 

Information Technology deals with the application of technology within an organization. The program deals with how technology can be applied, rather than the technology itself.

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