Economics Qualification Year

Economics Qualification Year

Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

The Economics, Business Economics and Financial and Business Economics Qualification Year program offers a focused first year of study with all the courses you need to gain entry to any of the above programs upon completion. Those who do not meet our entry requirements still have the option to pursue studies at York through our Economics Qualification Year program. This alternative has been created to accommodate student applicants with good academic standing.

The Economics Bachelor of Arts Qualification Year is a pathway to entry into the Economics, Business Economics or Financial and Business Economics programs in your second year, conditional upon meeting the following requirements in your first year:

• successful completion of 24 credits, including Economics Qualification Year required courses;

• achieving a final cumulative GPA of 5.00 (C+) for entry to Honours Economics BA programs or 4.00 (C) for entry to 3-year Economics BA programs;

What happens after my Qualification Year?

Successful completion of your first year requirements will allow you entry into your designated Economics program.

What if I’m not successful in my Qualification Year?

Should you not be successful in completing these requirements, the courses you will take and the credits you earn will allow you to pursue a number of other exciting programs in your area of interest such as Business and Society. We will advise you of your options throughout your first year in order to take every step to ensure your success at York University and beyond.


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