Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology

Faculty of Science

Mathematical skills are increasingly important in Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, and Health. A degree in Mathematical Biology will provide you with knowledge and skills in biology, health, medicine, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, computing, and computer science. Specific skills include experimental methods, data analysis, mathematical modelling, writing computer programs, using specific software applications, and the ability to translate mathematics to a biological question.

Questions in Mathematical Biology:

  • How do tumors grow?
  • Why do some infectious diseases persist even though there are effective vaccines against them?
  • How do proteins fold into their correct biologically active shape?
  • How are certain animal species affected by climate change?
  • Can we provide sustainable environments for animals living in areas of industrial growth?
  • How do plants spread?
  • Why do fireflies blink in sync?
  • Can we better understand the migration and movement of birds and animals?
  • Can we model how different animals get their spots or stripes?
  • Can vaccination eradicate COVID-19, influenza, monkeypox, etc?
  • How can immunity be sustained in an individual, from vaccination or infection?


You can get a Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons) or Bachelor of Science Specialized Honours (BA Spec. Hons) degree in Mathematical Biology. An Honours Minor BSc in Mathematical Biology is also possible.

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