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In the Mathematics program, students study the beauty of mathematics through the language of abstraction and reasoning. The program focuses on pure mathematics and its intellectual beauty, but also provides an excellent background for many careers demanding skills in mathematical reasoning and techniques. We work with the essential concepts that form the foundation for practical applications in cryptography, computer science, mathematical physics, economics, machine learning, financial engineering, and more. The program also prepares students for graduate studies.

What makes Pure Mathematics at York unique?

You will learn about a wide variety of topics in pure mathematics and can engage in one-on-one research projects with professors in topics like:

  • Algebraic combinatorics, which uses diagrams to compute formulae that are difficult to compute any other way;
  • Number theory, which is famous for easy-to-state and very old problems which still remain unsolved today;
  • Analysis, the theoretical core for modelling changes in the real-world;
  • Probability theory, which is the study of randomness and uncertainty, with applications in science, finance, and insurance; and
  • Foundations of Mathematics (such as set theory), the logical basis of all of science and engineering, which is often used to resolve problems that can be solved no other way.

You can get a Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hons), Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons), Bachelor of Arts Specialized Honours (BA Spec. Hons), or Bachelor of Science Specialized Honours (BA Spec. Hons) degree in Mathematics. An Honours Minor BA/BSc in Mathematics is also possible.

  • In the BA program, you can take electives in areas like economics, business, psychology, or philosophy.
  • In the BSc program, you can take electives in areas like physics, astronomy, biology, or chemistry.

We encourage you to explore our program to learn more about our academic programs, courses, students, professors, cutting-edge research, activities, and more.

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