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Statistics is the science of learning from data. Statisticians figure out what data they need, how to collect that data, how to analyze and interpret it, and how to report their conclusions. Statistics can be applied to many fields, so job opportunities are numerous and varied.

According to the American Statistical Association, “A career in statistics can empower you to make a difference in the world. And statisticians are in demand. Statisticians are needed in essentially every field, so stats skills can open the door to any passion!” Statistician always ranks highly for “best job”, “best business job” and “best STEM job” in US News & World Report’s annual job rankings, and in 2020, Statistician ranked #1 as the best business job.

What makes Statistics at York unique?

You can join the modern data revolution by getting a degree in statistics, or you can boost your degree with a statistics minor. You will learn statistical theory and methodology as well as the necessary mathematical foundations. You will gain experience in a variety of computing environments - an essential asset for many careers today. You can also prepare for graduate studies in statistics.

You will improve your communications skills. You will gain practical expertise by analyzing data and working on real-world problems in project courses and the capstone course with our professors, who work on big data, biostatistics and bioinformatics, and statistical machine learning.

You can also satisfy the education requirements of the Associate Statistician (A.Stat.) professional designation.

You can get a Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hons), Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons), Bachelor of Arts Specialized Honours (BA Spec. Hons), or Bachelor of Science Specialized Honours (BA Spec. Hons) degree in Statistics. An Honours Minor (BA/BSc) in Statistics is also possible.

  • In the BA program, you can take electives in areas like economics, business, psychology, or philosophy.
  • In the BSc program, you can take electives in areas like physics, astronomy, biology, or chemistry.

We encourage you to explore our program to learn more about our academic programs, courses, students, professors, cutting-edge research, activities, and more.

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