Undecided Major

Undecided Major

Faculty of Science

This program is only open to students entering their first year of university.

If you have previously studied at university or college and are expecting to receive transfer credit, you must declare a major when you apply for admission.

An undecided or undeclared major enables you to begin your first year of studies without having to select a program in which to major. In this way you can discover your interests and strengths by taking courses from a variety of disciplines prior to declaring a specific major.

While exploring different areas, you may be surprised that you have an interest in something you'd never have studied otherwise. You'll have the chance to meet other students with many different ideas and interests to spark your imagination. When you do make the ultimate decision about what to major in, you'll know that the choice is your own.

An undecided or undeclared major option is available through the following Faculties:

  • Glendon
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Faculty of Science

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Faculty of Science

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  • Keele Campus

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Full-Time, Part-Time

Fall entry

First year only

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First year only

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First year only