Undeclared Major

Undeclared Major

Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change

We know you are looking to make positive change and seeking a University major that will provide you with the knowledge, training and experience that will empower you to do just that! We also know choosing a major can be difficult and that you may need a little more time and some experience in University to make this “major” decision.

The Undeclared major option offers you an open first year experience that will provide you with the opportunity to take foundation courses in four majors offered by the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC) at York University.

In EUC, we offer programs that will empower our students as changemakers through interdisciplinary thinking, experiential learning and global perspectives. In your first year as an EUC Undeclared major, you will become part of a learning and teaching community that is devoted to making the world a better place for all and will be able to tap into our student support services that will help you succeed and plan for your future.

In your first year, you will enroll in courses that satisfy degree requirements in Environmental Arts and Justice (BES), Global Geography (BA), Cities, Regions, Planning (BES) or Sustainable Environmental Management (BES). By taking our foundational, first year courses you will get a better sense of what your major is all about, experience the hands on learning we offer in all our majors and explore potential future career pathways. Since these courses will count towards any of majors offered in EUC, you can narrow down your academic interests and career options before having to choose a major, all without losing time on completing your degree at York.

If you are uncertain what major you should apply to, consider applying to York as an Undeclared major in EUC. We promise you will be supported by our professors, our student services team, our career development experts and our student peer mentors while you try out different courses in your first year to help you choose what major is right for you and your future career path.


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Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change

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  • Keele Campus

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Full-Time, Part-Time

Experiential Education

  • Class-focused
  • Community-focused
  • Faculty research

Fall entry

First year only

Winter entry

Yes (first and upper year)

Summer entry

Yes (first and upper year)